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'Simplicity is Elegance'



About Elite Electronics, Incorporated

Elite Electronics sells: Fiber Optic Components, Audio/Visual Components, Data Networking and D-Subminiature Components, USB 3.0 Test Adapters, IMSA & ITS Components, Assembly Hardware and WATERPROOF Connectors.

Some of our products include: HDMI Custom Assemblies (type B, A, C, D & E ) & Connectors, Custom FIBER Assemblies ( Mil-Spec and Commercial ), Close-Tolerance Tooling, MIM-PIM Metal Tooling, Plastic Injection Tooling, Quick-Turn Prototypes, Custom Mil-Spec Components, CUSTOM Hardware ( Mil-Spec, Commercial  & Metric ), Ruggedized FIBER Assemblies, IMSA Signal Cable, Bulk FIBER Cable and more.

Elite Electronics Services: Custom Product and Software Design & Development, Outsourcing Management, including International Product Shipping.

Since its founding in 1983, Elite Electronics has strived to provide its customers with the highest levels of customer service.  Elite Electronics offers its customers only the highest quality products and services with proven reliability, cost-effective pricing and on-time deliveries.   


For the past 26-years, Elite Electronics has used a very basic principle to ensure that our customers receive quality products and services in a timely manner.  We treat our customers as we would like to be treated using the philosophy that 'Simplicity is Elegance!'   


In addition, Elite Electronics provides its customers with the latest information on leading-edge technology advances and changes in industry standards and regulatory body requirements (e.g., ISO, CE-Mark, UL, FCC, OSHA, EPA, et cetera). 



Elite Electronics Accepts Credit Cards 




Elite Electronics' Products Are RoHS Compliant




Elite's Commitment to Quality, Service & Technology


Quality.  As a supplier of reliable components, fabricated assemblies, systems and design/manufacturing technology, Elite Electronics realizes that your business and our long-term success depend on the quality of our products and services.  It is our belief that 'customer satisfaction' is a prime indicator of quality.  Based on this belief, we seek our current and prospective customers' active involvement in improving our products, services and quality.  Elite Electronics and its employees are committed to continuously improving our customer service and manufacturing processes to ensure that we deliver the highest quality product to you in a prompt and courteous manner.  Elite's primary goal is to ensure that our products and services meet your requirements and, more importantly, to make sure that we achieve this objective to your satisfaction.   


Elite Electronics products and services are controlled and monitored using quality assurance, design/development and manufacturing policies and procedures that were initially developed to meet or exceed the demanding requirements of military quality standards MIL-Q-9858 and MIL-I-45208.  Elite Electronics Quality Assurance Manual has been updated to reference to the latest revisions of ISO 9001 that supersede and replace the canceled military quality standards MIL-Q-9858 and MIL-I-45208.  In this revision, Elite has provided an active cross-reference to the ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 9001:1994 quality standards.  Elite Electronics' next revision of this document is scheduled to begin in Q3 - 2011 and will be based on the most current revisions of the ISO 9001:2008 quality standards.    


Service.  Elite Electronics' market research data shows today's fiber optic and cable assembly distribution marketplace to be very complex and evolving.  Elite feels, as order quantities increase and delivery turnaround times undergo extreme pressure to decrease, customer service continues to be its highest priority.  Given competitive shifts in the marketplace, and as more and more companies begin looking for ways to improve their competitive positioning by improving their processes and customer satisfaction, the Elite Electronics management team has made a major commitment to the highest levels of customer service, product quality and on-time deliveries at competitive prices.   


Elite Electronics commitments to quality and customer service are key components of our Supply Chain Management philosophy.  Since many of our procurement requirements require the involvement of up to nine entities, ranging from the raw materials supplier through our regional distributor and then on to the end-customer; attention to detail is very critical. Elite Electronics long-term strategic planning and oversight protection concepts, the Supply Chain is merely a collection of companies, or trading partners, involved in the production, storing and transporting of products to our end-user customers.   


Elite Electronics' Optimized Supply Chain, however, capitalizes on its long-term strategic alliances to provide higher levels of customer service; reduce product costs; faster, lower cost shipping; and, provides higher product quality and reliability.  The net results of Elite Electronics' Optimized Supply Chain concepts are lower overall product costs.


Technology.  Consistent with its market-driven focus, Elite Electronics has structured its R & D efforts to continue developing second and third generation fiber optic connectors, cable assemblies and accessories.  Elite has placed major emphasis upon improving operating features and reducing manufacturing costs.  In addition to our existing products, Elite Electronics is focusing on the development of a family of fiber optic and copper-based products for use in the expanding home theater, multimedia and high definition television (HDTV) consumer markets.  Elite has also expanded its operations to include International Municipal Signal Association (IMSA) recommended copper cable, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) recommended fiber optic cable, environmental enclosures and other related components.  


Elite Electronics has concentrated its resources on developing an international network of ISO-9001:2000 qualified contract manufacturing companies to implement product development, assembly, test and produce quality components and products.  Elite Electronics, with the assistance of its qualified manufacturing sources, has developed high level, automated, fabrication and test techniques to increase factory throughput and to reduce labor costs.  Elite believes its use of engineered materials and precision machine tools in high-volume manufacturing processes improves overall product quality while reducing manufacturing costs.

Elite Electronics strategic relationships are being used to develop products that meet the market needs and to create demand for its products.  Elite Electronics has implemented strategic programs with several leading offshore manufacturers to develop technologies and products for the broadband data, HDTV and multimedia marketplaces.  Elite's immediate objective is to design, manufacture and market a leading-edge family of assemblies and accessories. Elite is providing the overall design, development and engineering support while its strategic partners are providing the manufacturing and testing support.


Contact Information

You may reach Elite Electronics by telephone, facsimile, E-mail, U.S. Mail or by courier as shown below:


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Elite Electronics requires its fabricating sources to provide a written ISO Certificate of Compliance (C of C) inclusive of the product's ISO Manufacturing Date Code, RoHS - 2002/95/EC (Directive on the Restriction of the use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical & Electronic Equipment) and WEEE - 2002/96/EC (Directive on Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment) compliance with each production shipment.  

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