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EMI/RFI Filtered Connectors


  EMI/RFI Filtered Connectors

Filtered D-Subminiature Connectors

Filtered Circular Connectors


Elite Electronics offers its Customers a complete line of EMI/RFI filtered connectors.  We currently offer two standard filtered connector form-factors, D-Subminiature (D-Sub) and Circular Connectors.  In addition, Elite can design and configure customized filtered connectors and/or filters for the following applications:   

Filtered Terminal Blocks   


Power Line Filters


Transient Protection Filters


Other Custom Filters


Each application's specified 'level of filtering' determines our component selection, construction technique and performance characteristics for the connector assembly or filter.  The filter's component selection and construction technique determines its ability to suppress, or attenuate, the 'EMI/RFI noise' being conducted or radiated by the input-output interface (I/O) cable and/or through enclosure’s connector aperture.     

Low Level - Ferrite (~5 dB)


Mid/High Level - Tube (~40 - 60 dB)


Medium Level - Chip Cap (~35 - 45 dB)


High Level - Pi (~60 - 75 dB)


It is important to remember that EMI/RFI protection begins with your design team's complete understanding of your system's performance requirements.  Component selection, printed circuit board (PCB) layout and sound enclosure design are major factors in determining good EMI/RFI protection.  Unfortunately, even when these factors are fully  taken into consideration by the design team, your system's performance still may not meet the required agency (e.g., FCC, CE, et cetera) EMI/RFI certification criteria.      

In many instances, poor EMI/RFI performance can be traced directly to the system's I/O interface cabling.  EMI/RFI filtered connectors provide a cost-effective means for helping system designers to further reduce radiated and susceptibility electro-magnetic and/or radio frequency interference problems typically associated with a system's I/O ports.  When filtered connectors are used in conjunction with good design techniques, a system's harmful EMI/RFI characteristics can be reduced to acceptable levels or eliminated.  It is important for your designers and specifiers to remember that if a system's I/O cabling interface is not properly filtered, or decoupled, it can, very possibly,  become an antenna system.   If this happens, the resulting 'antenna system' will let harmful (spurious) signals from adjacent systems and/or components into the system (susceptibility) and may allow your system to emit (radiate) spurious energy/signals that can affect other systems.  Filtered connectors are typically found in the following types of high-level electronic systems:       

Military & Aerospace


Industrial Automation Controls


Avionics & Navigation Systems


Medical & Imaging Systems


Computer & Networking Applications


Broadcast & Telecommunications


We look forward to receiving your inquiries, drawings and/or specifications.  After carefully reviewing your requirements, Elite Electronics will provide a cost-effective product design solution, estimated sample and production delivery lead times and reasonable pricing based on your estimated usage requirements.   

Important Note:  Elite will not begin production until it has received your written First Article Acceptance.  Upon receipt of your First Article Acceptance, production deliveries will be subject to prevailing lead times in effect at that time. 


Elite Electronics requires its fabricating sources to provide a written ISO Certificate of Compliance (C of C) inclusive of the product's ISO Manufacturing Date Code, RoHS - 2002/95/EC (Directive on the Restriction of the use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical & Electronic Equipment) and WEEE - 2002/96/EC (Directive on Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment) compliance with each production shipment.  


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